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25th January, 2017

Daring to Break with the Past

Published: Business View Online, NAB In 2015, Ian Pratt led major changes to his family company, South Haven Group. He…

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18th January, 2017

Start the Year in a Productive Way

Many of us moved into holiday mode at the end of last year and our attention was diverted to other…

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14th November, 2016

Ten Things that Require Little or no Skill or Education

Whether it’s time management, work ethic, setting work/life boundaries, exercising, eating well or being disciplined with your personal finances, habits…

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11th October, 2016

Working Together for a Common Goal

Not everyone enjoys working with other people. Some prefer to work by themselves with an attitude of “if I want…

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9th September, 2016

Our Tenants Are Our Customers

We place great importance on our tenant relationships, and always seek to continuously improve and evolve these.

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