People & Culture

29th August, 2017

Office communication etiquette

It is easy to hide behind a desk or a computer in an office and only make appearances for meetings…

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2nd June, 2017

Servants hunts for home

Published: Greg Gliddon, Leader Community News A project to open a refuge for women in need is after community help…

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15th May, 2017

How to maximise use of your electronic calendar

Our calendar is an excellent tool for organisation and planning, not just for scheduling meetings. It can help you to…

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21st April, 2017

How to Earn Your Manager’s Respect

We all want to be valued and viewed as valuable at work. But respect isn’t given; you have to earn…

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16th March, 2017

Meetings – Don’t Waste Your Time!

We’ve all been in meetings that have dragged on and not addressed all or any of the issues they were…

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25th January, 2017

Daring to Break with the Past

Published: Business View Online, NAB In 2015, Ian Pratt led major changes to his family company, South Haven Group. He…

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