Is Zoom safe to use for your business?

23rd April, 2020

By Brad Shannon


You may have read in the news recently about a few major security flaws in the Zoom video conferencing products.

These flaws shouldn’t be ignored as they can damage your business or your home.

So, what are the risks?

  • Until recently Zoom was using weak encryption algorithms, leaving meetings exposed to being shared
  • Zoom meetings can be subject to bombers who are external cyber criminals trying to hijack meetings
  • Zoom meeting recordings are reported to be stored with weak security, enabling others to download via the Internet
  • Zoom private chats don’t stay private, allowing the host to see all the discussions
  • Zoom’s privacy policy allows them to share personal information with other parties, including Facebook and other advertisers

Don’t get me wrong, Zoom is also a great product – easy to set up, easy to use, and lets up to 100 people join a meeting for free, limited to 40 minutes. That’s why its popularity has grown exponentially since December 2019, making it an easy target for cyber criminals.

So, what options are available?

  • If you are the host, protect the meeting in accordance with ‘Protect Zoom Meetings’ on the Zoom Security page accessible here
  • If you’re an invitee, check with the host that they’ve implemented appropriate security measures as per the advice on the Zoom Security page
  • Phone into the meeting instead – most Zoom meetings contain a phone number and meeting ID. Ask the host to send you a copy of any material ahead of the meeting
  • If it’s a webinar, ask the host if they intend to record and share the webinar after the meeting, then watch the recording
  • Consider the following alternative products that offer the same capability and are much more secure
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Cisco WebEx Teams
    • Google Meet
    • Skype

There is light at the end of the tunnel as Zoom’s CEO recently published an article stating that they are placing all development work on hold to focus on resolving all known major security flaws in the platform. You can read this article here.

I hope this information helps you and your business to stay operational and in communication.

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