How to safely clean your Smartphone

19th May, 2020

By Brad Shannon


You probably don’t clean your smartphone as much as you should. Whether you’re concerned about coronavirus or just common flu and cold germs, regularly disinfecting your smartphone will help lower your overall risk of getting ill.

Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple have instructions to help you safely clean your smartphone.  Please review these instructions first as harsh abrasive cleaning products can damage the touchscreen surface.

Apple recently released its official cleaning advice, available here.

Here’s some general tips on how to safely clean your smartphone

Cleaning your case

  • Remove your smartphone from the case
  • Use an alcohol-based cleaning spray, and a soft lint-free cloth
  • Spray the case, making sure you get into any nooks and crannies, then wipe down

Disinfecting your smartphone

Although most smartphones are now water-resistant I don’t recommend you hold them under a running tap, instead

  • Turn your phone off
  • Spray a soft lint-free cloth with an an alcohol-based disinfectant spray
  • Wipe down the back and sides of your device with your moist lint-free cloth
  • Let your device dry
  • Buff the touchscreen with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove excess cleaning solution.

After disinfecting and cleaning your devices, always remember to wash your hands thoroughly.