How to keep your devices clean

19th May, 2020

By Brad Shannon


It’s always a great idea to maintain good hygiene, even more so in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.  While many of us are cleaning our hands more frequently, it is important that we extend these efforts to our phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards and mice.

Science has proven that bacteria can manifest on computer keyboards and smartphone screens, particularly when they’re used by more than one person.  Viruses can cling to glass surfaces for up to 96 hours, multiple days’ worth of potential infection.  So whether you want to minimise your risk of coronavirus, the flu, or a bacterial infection, some regular cleaning is advised.

The good news is that disinfecting your phone and your other devices doesn’t need industrial-strength chemicals or hazmat suits, and can be done using the materials you may already have at home.

Below are some tips on how you can safely and effectively clean your phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards and mice. However, before continuing please always remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

How to safely clean your desktop computer, keyboard and mouse

How to safely clean your smartphone