Eve Nguyen – Property Administration

28th September, 2020

With two young kids, I’m always trying to think of different ways to entertain them! Playgrounds are a big one for us. We’ve explored all playgrounds within our 5km radius.

I also like to cook and try different meals, I find it therapeutic. I’ve also picked up reading again which I never found the time for previously!

Overall life has definitely slowed down and it gives you time to reflect but I cant wait for things to go back to normal as normal can be!

What are the top 5 things you are most looking forward too?

Seeing family and friends

Moving around freely without having a curfew

Going to the local playground with the kids

Dining out

Going on holidays 

What will you do differently when life gets back to normal

Continue hygiene upkeep

Give back to the community more

Spend undivided time with the kids, be in the moment

Appreciate the work life balance even more

Make time for self care, read more.